Beginning of summer: a simple salad

31 May

tomato salad

Todays is a yearly summer hot day. Laziness is in my skin porous along with sweat.  I need to eat. I need something cold and easy to make. Salad.

My favorite lazy salad is extremely simple.

Big portion:

½ Avocado cut in fourths – I like big pieces

2 tomatoes cut in chunks but no seed (my preference)

½ cup fresh mozzarella cut in cubes

4 medium mint leaves– ripped with hands

2 medium basil leaves – ripped with hands

Mix all together

If you want add some watercress



1 Tbsp olive oil

2 tsp lemon juice or white vinegar

¼ tsp of honey

Salt and pepper

Lets celebrate summer because it goes fast.

I want to eat your boiled egg

8 Nov

Do you know that old story about what looks simple can actually be complicated?

In the kitchen I can translate to one word: egg.

You can think eggs are simple, but they are not. From all the ways you can cook an egg, the hardest for me it is to cook the perfect boiled egg.

I started my research about eggs. Herve This my favorite author did not give me an easy answer. The deal is whites and yolks have different cooking points. Egg white cooks first, and yolk should be creamy but not over cooked and grainy. For a perfect cooked egg you need precise time and water temperature. It just have too much science around it and it seams impossible to cook a perfect egg without a submerged circulator (64C for 32 minutes and it can varies depending of your location and bla bla blas) Most of home kitchens don’t have that machine from the molecular gastronomy crew.

At least I know the secret is slow cooking.  But how would I do that at home? Seamed impossible, and for a moment I was getting used to unperfected boiled eggs in my life!

The day of glory

I ate a devil egg at The Spotted Pig (west Village), and it was haven. I would never be able to reproduce it because of the submerged circulator they must have in their kitchen.

I got home and I realized I did not read what my master, Chef Eric Ripert, had to say about boiling eggs. As I was reading in his book, Avec Eric, how to make his devil egg recipe and voila…. The boiled egg recipe I was hopping for.

How to perfectly boil an egg

Pot/ water/ egg/ fire on high

When water is simmering stir eggs.

When water is boiling stir eggs one more time (so yolks can be in the center of the egg) and turn fire off/ cover and wait 12/15 minutes

Transfer the egg to iced water.

When cold, peel it.

Thanks Chef Eric. Thanks Universe.


Molecular Gastronomy, exploring the Science of Flavor, Herve This

Kitchen mysteries, Reveling the Science of Cooking, Herve This

Avec Eric, A Culinary Journey with Eric Ripert

Frittata for One

22 Sep

This morning I went to meditate under a tree at the park and my third eye showed me a purple light. It was beautiful and I relaxed after many owns.

I was biking back home when I sow a farmers market in another park and I decided to stop by. After looking over green peppers and tomatoes, I decided to buy one purple potato and a purple carrots. Kind of thanking my purple chakra for the nice meditation. I also bought a garlic.

In my way home I bought eggs and I decided to make a frittata.

Here is what happen:

Thin sliced potato

1 tsp chopped garlic

¼ of an onion, thin sliced

5 eggs – scrambled – you can use only whites if you want

Thin sliced basil and sage, I have those herbs planted in my house

Shaved carrot to add as a salad- seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt and 1 tsp of lemon juice

Teflon sautéed pan, add olive oil, garlic and let it sweat – Teflon pan only works with  rubber spatula

Add onions and let it caramelize- season it with salt

Add sliced potato- more salt – remember to salt little by little

Add scramble eggs witch was salted and some of the sliced basil and sage

Mix in the pan

Bake it till potato is ready (fork tender)– more or less15 mim – medium heat oven –

When done add seasoned carrots on the top

Enjoy it:)

Green is the new Blond

19 Jan

We are a bunch of big spenders. Sometimes I think we are plagues of nature. So, I started to be less of a parasite and I am trying to be more symbiotic to nature. To our home: Earth.

We have to simplify, economize, and save.

What should be part of our routine everybody knows!

Learn how to read products labels

Learn how to recycle

Spend less electricity

Save water (turn water off when you are scrubbing yourself at shower is one big water saver)

Uses recycle bags and containers

Avoid using plastic

Stop excessive consumption of material things

Don’t buy products tested in animals (a hard one, but we can do it)

Eat more Vegetables, less meat

Save fossil fuel (gasoline)

Talking about saving gasoline, lets put this requisite inside a kitchen: home or commercial. What could we do to save gas?  Buy local is the start action. Food millage is a hot subject in eco-friendly food considerations, and the fewer the millages from farm to table, the better. Besides buying local food, we should dine in places that support local producers. Nowadays, Chefs are concerned about sustainability in the kitchen. Copenhagen’s Noma is an example of eco-friendly restaurant.

Plant your herbs at home. It is so easy and your house will smell so good.  Gently rob your hands on the leaves and smell after it. Email me if you don’t like the felling. Plus, the best part, when you are cooking, you will have the freshest herbs you can get.

Eating more vegetables and less meat is also a great way to re-educate ourselves on how to live in synchrony with nature, which is definitely healthier.  Today, it is becoming trendy to serve and eat vegetarian dishes.  Blanched fennel with smoked chard in a garlic sauce. It sounds good! It is cool to have one vegetable as main inspiration in your dinner Menu.

Ok, from now on, I promise I will read this post everyday, so I don’t see myself in the same parasite routine most of us live in, today. If we keep living like that we are really looking for trouble in the near future. Check the weather.

Giving a kick to Astoria

17 Jan

Astoria is changing little by little. Creative and modern cafes, bistros, restaurants recently opened in the neighborhood.

The Queens KickShaw owners are an example of those innovative entrepreneurs who are investing in Queens. It is from far the best café/bistro ambience in the area.

They are consistent with their food and coffees . They rarely burn the espresso.

They offer many types of beers, ciders, and wine.

Live music and good service. Opened from morning to late night.

My only complain is the size of the food menu: to small. The food is so good, phenomenal.  My favorite sandwich  is one with guava jelly, white bean paste and Gruyere cheese.  I also like  the macaroni and cheese,  and salads. They are cheese addicted, so am I.

I recommend it.